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Beginning Spring 2018, CUSA will move to an online referee assignment tool you will need to register at Oregon Soccer Central

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Reference Documents:

Referee Help- Applying For Work

Referee Help - Game Reports

Referee Educational Materials
CUSA Referee Rules of Conduct

• Conduct yourselves according to guidelines set by FIFA, USSF, US Club Soccer, OYSA, and Soccer-5.
• Provide a safe environment for all players.
• Enforce the rules of soccer by following the USSF Laws of the Game; subject to Soccer-5 League modifications.
• Never argue with coaches, players, or spectators.
• Ensure that all players are properly equipped for the game; (i.e.: no jewelry of any kind, no casts of any kind, no metal leg or arm braces of any kind.)
• Conduct yourselves honorably and maintain a professional dignity at all times.
• Dress in approved referee attire at all times when officiating.
• Be in good physical condition and prepared for the match.
• Attend all required training. Maintain your referee license.
• Show up at least 30 minutes prior to your first game so there is time to check the field for safety and to check the player's equipment and gear.
• Suspend play at any time if coaches, players, or spectators are getting out of control.
• Find a trustworthy adult if you need assistance before, during, or after a game.
• Report all yellow and red card infractions to your club's referee coordinator within 48 hours of the end of the game.Do not use vulgar or abusive language at any time.
• Have a positive attitude at all times.