Pre-Micro/Micro League Information

Pre-Micro and Micro League

Why Pre-Micro and Micro soccer?
For ages PreSchool through 2nd grade: Our youth soccer programs are modified (scaled to be developmentally appropriate) and based on current US Club Soccer recommendations for young players.

Fair Play Rule: All coaches shall honor the spirit of the recreational game and any team leading by five (5) goals must make adjustments to attempt to even the play. Use your good judgment to make sure the game is fun for all players on both teams.

Coaches and players are to sit on the opposite side of parents at ALL games.

No jewelry may be worn at games or practices (necklaces, earrings, etc)

The biggest challenge for Micro Soccer is getting parents and coaches to buy into the Micro Soccer philosophy. Promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and making new friends. Shake hands at the end of the game.
Note: Pre-Micro league is co-ed, Micro league is not.